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Legion Raiding Progress & Recruiting

Well, it seems we got behind on updating the website! Our apologies. We are currently recruiting to fill out our raid team (we lost some due to RL, injuries, etc), but more on that in a moment.

We have been actively raiding during Legion completing Emerald Nightmare on Normal and Heroic, Trial of Valor on Normal, Nighthold on Normal, and are currently progressing through Nighthold Heroic. Due to the lower item level of gear in ToV and because NH came out, we did not do ToV Hc.

We are looking to fill out our raid team with raiders who enjoy progressing through Normal and Heroic raids while also having fun and working as a team. We do not currently do Mythic raiding. Raiders should know tactics and be familiar with their class/spec (and off spec if need be) as well as come prepared with proper raid supplies.

Ideally we would like raid team members to be in our guild, which is on Azjol-Nerub (connected with Quel’Thalas). However, we will consider others as well. We’ve been using Battle.net Voice Chat for raids.

We are currently looking for:

  • 3-6 DPS, mix of ranged/melee
  • 1 Backup Healer (potential to become a main healer if we have enough DPS)
  • 1 Backup Tank

Our current raid team has 2 tanks, 2 healers, and 3-4 DPS (1 melee, 2-3 ranged).

We have begun adding our raids to OpenRaid (http://openraid.zergid.com) – look for events by Naelina-Azjol-Nerub (EU).

If interested, please contact Naelina or one of our other officers in game.

Recruiting for Legion Raiding

We are currently recruiting for raiding in Legion! We will be raiding on Tues/Thurs from 8:30-11:30pm server (subject to slight adjustment; actual raid start time 9pm server, but starting at 8:30 to give people time to get there/ready, etc). We plan to do Normal and Heroic raiding.

At this point we have:
-2 tanks (with 1-2 backup tanks)
-3 healers (Resto Druid, Holy Paladin, Resto Shaman, with 2 backup healers – Shaman/Druid, Priest)
-3 Ranged DPS (Ele Shaman, Hunter, Warlock)
-6 Melee DPS (DHx2, Warrior, DK, Monk, Enh Shaman)

We are looking for:
-Ranged DPS
-Possibly 1 healer

See the recruitment info on the main website page about what classes/specs we’re looking for.

If interested, you can get more info or put an application on the guild forum (link at the top of the site) or you can contact an officer in game: Xhoimli, Erannia, Dons, Hamlyn, Naelina, Runegard (all on Azjol-Nerub).

Legion is coming…

We’ve already had a taste of the class changes for Legion with the pre-patch and next week (August 10th) those with early access can have a play with the new Demon Hunter spec. Also, Invasions will be coming along with the new class!

The Legion expansion will be here August 30th, so now’s the time to finish up anything in Draenor that will be disappearing. There are some posts on the forum with information regarding what will be added/removed when Legion arrives.

We’ve regularly had guild groups doing dungeons, chatting, and playing in some old raids at level on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and generally Saturdays. Some events are on the in-game calendar, so feel free to sign up or just come along for some fun! Next week I imagine we’ll get into the Invasions as a (or a couple) groups!

Also, there’s a meeting for those interested in raiding in Legion on August 18th (sign up on the calendar).

Get ready!

HFC Hc, Alt Runs, and Recruiting a Tank/Healer!

Another long time since an update (sorry!), but we’ve been 13/13 Hc HFC for awhile now! We moved on to doing HFC achievements, which we finished this past Thursday, and also blew through the Highmaul raid achieves that day as well.

We’ve begun doing HFC alt runs on Tuesdays (9pm-midnight ST) and are looking to find a Tank and a Healer to come along to help on a regular basis. If you’re interested, contact Naelina-AzjolNerub or another ALBR officer! We currently have a regular warrior tank and a regular druid healer. We’re 12/13 Nm HFC (simply haven’t done Velhari), but plan to start on Hc lower this coming week!

We’re also looking into doing alternate activities as a guild during our raid time on Thursdays. Dungeon/raid achieves, old raids, Battlegrounds, leveling alts to 80 for the Ulduar achieve, and more.

Come join in!

Xhul’horac defeated

After just a few practice attempts at Xhul’horac, tightening up our tactics for heroic and with some handy suggestions from Crit for best time to use the dps ring and to clear the fire, we got our first guild Xhul’horac kill – nice work team!