Monthly Archives: December 2015

Xhul’horac defeated

After just a few practice attempts at Xhul’horac, tightening up our tactics for heroic and with some handy suggestions from Crit for best time to use the dps ring and to clear the fire, we got our first guild Xhul’horac kill – nice work team!

Screenies from our recent kills

This is from the night we killed Archimonde normal for the first time.

We killed Gorefiend hc as a guild after lots of practicing.


Progress Update & Recruitment

We’ve gotten a bit behind on actually updating with posts here, but we have been progressing nicely.

A Little Bit Random is now 13/13 Normal and 9/13 Heroic! We got our first guild kills on Heroic Iskar and Heroic Zakuun last week. We’ll try to update more regularly. 🙂

We’re also looking to recruit some regular raid members (see which classes we’re looking for on the website here). We unfortunately lost a few due to RL commitments, so we’d like to round out our raid team.