Monthly Archives: March 2016

HFC Hc, Alt Runs, and Recruiting a Tank/Healer!

Another long time since an update (sorry!), but we’ve been 13/13 Hc HFC for awhile now! We moved on to doing HFC achievements, which we finished this past Thursday, and also blew through the Highmaul raid achieves that day as well.

We’ve begun doing HFC alt runs on Tuesdays (9pm-midnight ST) and are looking to find a Tank and a Healer to come along to help on a regular basis. If you’re interested, contact Naelina-AzjolNerub or another ALBR officer! We currently have a regular warrior tank and a regular druid healer. We’re 12/13 Nm HFC (simply haven’t done Velhari), but plan to start on Hc lower this coming week!

We’re also looking into doing alternate activities as a guild during our raid time on Thursdays. Dungeon/raid achieves, old raids, Battlegrounds, leveling alts to 80 for the Ulduar achieve, and more.

Come join in!