Legion is coming…

We’ve already had a taste of the class changes for Legion with the pre-patch and next week (August 10th) those with early access can have a play with the new Demon Hunter spec. Also, Invasions will be coming along with the new class!

The Legion expansion will be here August 30th, so now’s the time to finish up anything in Draenor that will be disappearing. There are some posts on the forum with information regarding what will be added/removed when Legion arrives.

We’ve regularly had guild groups doing dungeons, chatting, and playing in some old raids at level on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and generally Saturdays. Some events are on the in-game calendar, so feel free to sign up or just come along for some fun! Next week I imagine we’ll get into the Invasions as a (or a couple) groups!

Also, there’s a meeting for those interested in raiding in Legion on August 18th (sign up on the calendar).

Get ready!