Guild GuidelinesWhy We’re Here – Get drunk and kill everything!*
*disclaimer – this is our motto but it’s meant in fun, drunkenness and violence is not actively encouraged amongst real life guild members :p
A Little Bit Random is a social guild, with some raiders who want to take their progression raiding seriously, some altoholics and some PVPers. All members make the atmosphere of our guild what it is. We’re part of a Guild team, here to enjoy WoW and have fun. Find a balance between playing solo for your special interests and personal progression while grouping and socialising too. Get together with fellow guildies when you can to enjoy hanging out together, guild chat banter, guild instance runs, guild raids, battlegrounds etc as your level / gear / experience allow.

Our Good Name
Always remember you represent our Guild to the Azjol-Nerub server population. Be nice! Be proud of our Guild. Be a player other players enjoy being around, so when they see our guild name they think positively about us. Be polite to guildies and all fellow players. Don’t spam trade chat, don’t ninja loot, don’t beg for gold or boosts. Be mature in attitude.

Any member is welcome to organise an event, providing it doesn’t clash with another guild event, by adding it to the calendar. Please chat with an officer first if you need some advice about setting something up. Please be careful not to delete an event from the calendar!

We do not have guild raid teams or spots and our guild ranks are based on social participation in Guild, not raid oriented. Our raids are led by raid leaders who set and explain their run’s rules, but all will be within the ethos of A Little Bit Random. Calendar raids should specify aims (progression, fun, alt run etc). We usually raid Thurs and Fri evenings as progression raids from approx. 2030 to 0030 server time and we require skype. Other raids for alts / the less experienced / guild achis / continue runs could be any time, please watch the calendar.

Guild Bank
Consider what is useful to a majority of the guild and deposit items for guild use to the appropriate tab please. Items can be taken for personal use only, for a donation to the Guild bank.

Be pleasant and polite. No swearing or crude talk in guild chat. Keep chat PG on skype when minors are playing please.

Officer Rules

Officers will:

    Follow the guild guidelines and lead by example
    Promote fairness towards all guild members.
    In guild channels e.g. guild chat or skype in a guild group, do not show favouritism or victimise another guildie. There will always be temporary fallings out and such in Guild but remain impartial in “public” please. If you must vent, keep it to close friends
    Assist guild members in understanding the guild guidelines
    Cooperate with all the Guild’s officers in steering the Guild
    Discuss demotion / gkick with other officers before taking action, unless to not act would cause an immediate problem. Remember the Naughty Corner rank is there for temporary use should a problem occur. This rank can read but not post in Guild chat and has no Guild Bank access. Examples of when it might be used are if a member is losing it / swearing / abusing the guild bank and needs a time out to avoid escalating the problem and to cool off. It may also be useful if there’s a suspicion someone’s account is hacked, to protect the Guild Bank.

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