Screenies from our recent kills

This is from the night we killed Archimonde normal for the first time.

We killed Gorefiend hc as a guild after lots of practicing.


Progress Update & Recruitment

We’ve gotten a bit behind on actually updating with posts here, but we have been progressing nicely.

A Little Bit Random is now 13/13 Normal and 9/13 Heroic! We got our first guild kills on Heroic Iskar and Heroic Zakuun last week. We’ll try to update more regularly. ๐Ÿ™‚

We’re also looking to recruit some regular raid members (see which classes we’re looking for on the website here). We unfortunately lost a few due to RL commitments, so we’d like to round out our raid team.

Velhari down Aug 4th


We’ve had some challenges raiding in the summer holidays with people away, family stuff, broken PCs etc, but we’ve kept raiding. Group finder is handy for pugging and through that we’ve met some new people who’ve raided with us a few times. Lately we’ve got to grips with Iskar, Socrethar and most recently Velhari. Nice teamwork and learning the tactics or as Dons would say, “Good Job!”

2 more down!

2 more bosses down on our follow up raid on Tuesday – what an awesome week! I had alot of fun learning the new fights with you guys, looking forward to continuing in the next raid lockout ๐Ÿ™‚

Gorefiend down

Zakuun fell over too

Kilrogg down

Well done team! Awesome job last night working together to sort out this fight so we could kill Kilrogg. Everyone worked hard to make it happen ๐Ÿ™‚